Karin Becks LLM

Partner, Benelux and European trademark and design attorney


Karin studied commercial law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She started her career in 1992 as a trademark and design attorney. Since then she worked at large and smaller trademark offices. During her long career she gained extensive experience with all kind of work related to the protection and management of trademark- and design portfolios of different types of clients, from small independents to large international organizations and multinationals. Karin has been associated with Arnold & Siedsma as a trademark and design attorney since April 2004.

Karin likes the challenge to disentangle complex legal issues and make the subject-matter clear and understandable to her clients. The solution to the problem must be legally grounded, but for Karin it is at least as important that the solution is also workable in practice for her clients.

What others say about Karin

Critical, client-oriented, devising legally sound but practical solutions, tenacious

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