Raimond Haan MSc

Associate partner, European patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney, Belgian patent attorney


Additive manufacturing / 3D printing, Aircraft industry, Civil engineering, Consumer sector, Energy, Food processing machines, Horticulture, Mechanical engineering, Process technology, Transport


Raimond first came into contact with the fascinating world of intellectual property as a (private) inventor. He is now sitting on the opposite side of the table as an adviser, where he regards this background as highly valuable. As a patent attorney, he can readily identify with his clients, and he knows how complex patent procedures can be perceived to be. Raimond therefore keeps the lines of communication with his clients as short as possible, and aims to get the message across clearly. His motto is: “Your innovation is my motivation!”

At Arnold & Siedsma, Raimond’s work as a mechanical engineer primarily involves inventions in the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, engineering, installation technology, medical technology, transport and automotive, horticulture and consumer products.

Raimond also has extensive experience in guiding starting entrepreneurs and is closely involved in several start-up initiatives.

What others say about Raimond

Open, inquisitive, direct communication, focused, perfectionist, personable

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