Wendy Teunissen PhD

European patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney


Chemistry, Materials, Nanotechnology, Polymer Technology, Process technology


Wendy is a certified Dutch and European patent attorney. She is a doctor in chemistry, with a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry and Heterogeneous Catalysis. In her services to clients, she combines the extensive experience she has gained in both the business sector and private practice.

She worked as an in-house patent attorney and technology portfolio adviser for the Chief Technology Officer of Shell and as a result she learned to translate global technology strategies into implementation in practice, whereby IP and portfolio growth played a large role. Furthermore, she has experience in the drawing up and granting procedures of patents, carrying out freedom to operation studies, litigating and managing patent portfolios.

In the technical field, she has experience with process technology and in particular in the field of chemical and petro-chemical processes, heterogeneous catalysis and high throughput screening.  She is also familiar with the world of materials science, and in particular inorganic materials such as batteries.

What others say about Wendy

Critical, realistic, creative, direct

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