Joram Hoekman MSc

Dutch patent attorney

About Joram Hoekman

Chemistry, Polymeric technology

Joram graduated from the University of Twente in chemical engineering. During his study programme, he also focused on the development of polymers for biomedical applications. After graduation, he completed a patent attorney training and in 2019, began working for Arnold & Siedsma.

Thanks to his chemical background from his previous training, combined with his experience in dealing with mechanical inventions, he is very capable of facilitating the legal protection of inventions in a large number of sectors. The challenging puzzle with its technical, linguistic, legal and commercial aspects makes this profession extremely fascinating for him. Aside from work, Joram has a major passion for triathlon.

Others about Joram:
Enthusiastic, honest, persistent


2012-2018: Patent attorney (part of the time in training) at another patent firm

2006-2011: University of Twente, Chemical Engineering (MSc)
2002-2006: University of Twente, Chemical Engineering (BSc.)

Dutch, English

Telephone: +31 53 431 97 22