Software development normally takes up a lot of time and money. The marketing of the new software then requires substantial investments to sell the product. Unfortunately, digital piracy is rife across the world, with companies or individuals illegally using, copying or distributing software without the developer’s permission or without making any payment. Pre-arranging the protection of your software will put you in a stronger position.

Legal areas

Software protection takes place at the interface between a number of legal areas, including patent rights and copyright. Contract law may also play a part. It is the job of our specialists to identify the most suitable or applicable right in your case.

Arnold & Siedsma will be pleased to assist you in protecting software that you have developed. Depending on the nature and potential scope of your software product, we will be pleased to identify the protection or combination of legal areas that is preferable in your case.

Software and patent rights

The importance of pre-arrangement: If you publicise or market your new software product before your rights have been established or your application has been filed, you will lose the opportunities for effective protection. Many software developers wonder whether their software can be protected and if so, how. Our patent attorneys can optimally advise you regarding the protection of your software products.

Are you looking for a patent agent in a sector other than software? Our specialists are also specialised in the sectors of chemistry & pharmacy, electrical engineering & physics, mechanical engineering, biotechnology & food or materials. They would like to advise you on the optimal protection of your intellectual property.

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