Armin Šabanović MSc

Dutch patent attorney


Electrical engineering, Software, Telecommunication


Armin has been working as a patent attorney in training for Arnold & Siedsma at the Eindhoven office since November 2019. He focuses on sectors such as electrical engineering and telecommunications.

Before Armin entered the world of patents, he completed his BSc. and MSc. in Electrical Engineering both with honours. Despite specialising in radio frequency (RF) electronics, he remains interested in a wide selection of technical subjects within and outside electrical engineering. That is why he took modern physics courses for six months during his studies in order to broaden his scientific knowledge. In addition to his studies, Armin worked for more than three years as a student assistant in “Electronics and Instrumentation” at Delft University of Technology.

His inquisitive nature, focus on quality and broad interest in technology all ensure that Armin is prepared to take up the next challenge in his career: becoming a European patent attorney.

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Inquisitive, quick in understanding, critical, focused on quality

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