Vincent Rijsdijk LLM MSc

Dutch patent attorney, European patent attorney


Energy, Energy storage, Mechanical engineering


During his technical studies at the TU Eindhoven, Vincent learned what it was to work at the cutting edge of law and technology. After completing these studies, he chose to delve further into law through a Master’s in Law & Technology at the University of Tilburg.

In his role as Energy & Environment advisor, Vincent gained a wealth of experience in energy technology, sustainability and the granting of licenses. He also provided clients with legal advice in the areas of public procurement and contract law. His aim in this was always to achieve a favourable outcome that had added value for the client, within the framework conditions set.

In 2014, Vincent took a change of course and decided to focus on the area where law and technology meet: he started as a trainee patent attorney.

In October 2016, Vincent joined Arnold & Siedsma in Leeuwarden. Here, he specialises in the general field of mechanical engineering for SMEs.

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