Legal protection of your intellectual property in various sectors

Arnold & Siedsma has in-house experts with knowledge in the most important innovative sectors. With more than fifty patent attorneys, you will always find a contact with the correct specialism at Arnold & Siedsma. Our patent attorneys have years of experience in supporting companies in various sectors and are therefore up-to-date about developments in your discipline. This technical knowledge and experience guarantee optimization of your rights.

The most important innovative sectors

The main sectors in which Arnold & Siedsma is active are Chemistry & Pharmacy, Electrical engineering & Physics, Mechanical engineeringBiotechnology & food, Materials and Software. Our experienced specialists can assist you with the protection of your intellectual property in these sectors. We would like to provide you with more information about our services in the various sectors, by clicking on one of the ‘read more’ buttons below.

Contact person with the right expertise

At Arnold & Siedsma our experts work in teams that are specialised in the most important sectors. Our patent attorneys are spread among the various offices so that there is always a contact person with the right expertise available for you.

Sharing knowledge

At Arnold & Siedsma we believe in sharing knowledge. Our experts in the sector teams have a lot of contact with one another. This means that we can form a team for our clients consisting of various specialisations, ensuring maximum legal protection.

Arnold & Siedsma is your actively involved and knowledgeable partner. We are happy to be of service and contribute to you and to your ideas.

Our specialists

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