Catalysis, Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Polymer Chemistry


As a trainee patent attorney, Johan turns inventions into strong patents. Stimulating and protecting innovation is his mission!

Johan gets satisfaction from work that he can really get his teeth into, for example organic synthesis or a puzzle with complex Markush formulas. Johan was trained as a chemist, with a focus on organic chemistry. Through a personal scholarship from the then Institute for Science and Technology he obtained his PhD at the University of Antwerp, in the field of organic synthesis and homogeneous catalysis with a link to the pharmaceutical sector.

Johan first gained industrial experience at Xeikon, where he focused on patent filing, among other things. At Catalisti, he then focused on making the Flemish chemical and plastics sector more sustainable. In practice, he worked together with companies and knowledge institutions on subsidised innovation projects on a wide range of topics.

Today, Johan puts this broad experience and expertise to use within the Arnold & Siedsma team.

What others say about Johan

Analytically strong, amicable, quality-oriented, persuasive, straightforward, critical.

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