Marten Bosma PhD

Associate partner, Belgian patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney, European patent attorney


Aerospace engineering, Mechanical engineering, Physics, Semiconductor technology


As a patent attorney in the Amsterdam patent practice, Marten represents clients in regard to every aspect of obtaining and enforcing patent rights. Marten focuses on both the mechanical and electrical engineering industries. He has particular expertise in the field of semiconductor materials.

Prior to joining Arnold & Siedsma in 2014, Marten held roles as a consultant and as a business developer at several young ventures in the high-tech industry. Before that, he was a scientific researcher at inter alia CERN in Geneva. In that period, he was engaged in improving semiconductor sensors for radiation detectors. In this he worked closely with OEM- and Tier-1 companies in both the semiconductor and the medical imaging industries.

Marten holds a PhD in physics and an MSc degree in particle physics. He also studied aerospace engineering at the Delft University of Technology.

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Critical, committed, no-nonsense

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