Marcel van Kooij PhD

Belgian patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney, European patent attorney, Partner


Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Medicine, Molecular Biology, Pharmacy


Marcel is skilled in the many aspects of providing patent services, such as writing and prosecuting patent applications, defending patent applications before the European Patent Office (opposition and appeal), nullification of patents of possible competitors before the European Patent Office, the Patent Centre and in court, advising clients on the development or strengthening of their IP position, negotiations concerning licences or transfer, second opinions and additional IP protection, such as SPCs and plantbreeders’ rights.

Marcel advises and supports many large national and international clients on their IP and innovation policy but is also involved in start-ups, particularly in the field of biotechnology.

In addition to his role as expert in the field of patent law, Marcel has specialized as proactive adviser whose main concerns are custom service, cost control and creativity combined with a long-term vision.

Marcel approaches a case with a pragmatic attitude which gives priority to clarity and transparency for the client. The starting point in a case has to be that one (the expertise of the client) plus one (the expertise of Marcel) equals three.

In addition to providing patent services, Marcel derives great satisfaction from sharing his knowledge. Marcel teaches at the University of Strasbourg (CEIPI) and is an EPI tutor. Marcel is also actively involved in increasing the knowledge level on the work-floor and the management level of clients (IP awareness).

What others say about Marcel

“As well as being a highly skilled patent attorney, Marcel is also a good manager due to his awareness and ability to delegate.”

“I know Marcel as a professional dedicated to his work. In our team he advises leading vegetable breeding companies in the field of patents, and his expert knowledge, his tenacity and his strategic views are highly appreciated by them.”

“Marcel van Kooij is a great colleague with whom I have the pleasure to work at Arnold & Siedsma. He has wide experience in the biotech sector and also has the ability to explain complex topics to people with no biotech background.”

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