About Arnold & Siedsma

With 12 branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Arnold & Siedsma is an allround service provider in the field of intellectual property. Our patent, trademark and design attorneys — as well as our IP attorneys at law — protect and enforce intellectual property law on a daily basis. These IP rights may concern various topics, for instance the functioning of technological innovations, such as machines, products and processes, as well as the look or design of products.

At Arnold & Siedsma we believe in customised work, which you can clearly see in our methodology.

Our expertise

We are a full-service provider in the field of intellectual property, with a focus on commercial interests. Our technical knowledge, personal communication and a global network characterize our services.


Because we are a full-service provider, we have in-house specialists from all IP disciplines. Our patent attorneys, trademark and design attorneys and lawyers work closely together. We can pull together a team from several disciplines for our clients so that problems and issues are communicated between the different disciplines quickly, seamlessly and without unnecessary costs. Arnold & Siedsma is uniquely positioned as a service provider in the Netherlands thanks to this team-based approach. Our aim is to ensure that you have maximum legal protection.

Commercial awareness

The protection of your innovation is of great economic value, but can be a costly business. This is why, at Arnold & Siedsma, we attach great importance to clear communication before, during and after the various procedures. We never lose sight of your commercial interests and keep the lines of communication short and personal.

Personal service

At Arnold & Siedsma, applying for protection is not the ultimate goal. The protection must be effective. Only then you will create the required added value. You can also obtain an objective opinion on whether or not you should apply for protection from one of the patent attorneys at Arnold & Siedsma.

The lines of communication with our specialists are short and personal. Service is our top priority. We stay in close touch with our clients so that we can provide you with a fast and responsive service. With offices throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, our specialists are always within proximity. At Arnold & Siedsma you will be assigned one or two dedicated account manager(s). The long-term relationship ensures that they know your business and strategy. Once you have provided a brief explanation, they will be able to give you the correct advice for your business, in line with your multi-annual planning. Your account manager will maintain regular contact with you.

Global network

Arnold & Siedsma has the in-house expertise to give your idea the best possible protection in all parts of the world. We can help you apply for and obtain a patent, and can offer active monitoring and enforcement of your rights, both in Europe and further afield. To do this, Arnold & Siedsma has its own office network in Europe and close collaborative associations with similar offices in locations such as the United States and Asia. This allows us to operate effectively around the world in the field of patents and other forms of intellectual property.

Technical expertise

Arnold & Siedsma has in-house specialist knowledge in every technical field. With more than fifty patent attorneys under one roof, you will always find a contact with the correct specialism. This technical knowledge ensures that your rights are safeguarded in the best possible way.

Geographical proximity of patenting bodies

Arnold & Siedsma has offices close to the two headquarters of the European Patent Office, the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property and the NL Agency. With our offices near the European Patent Office in Munich and The Hague, we can easily attend oral proceedings and carry out other procedural work. As we work in the immediate vicinity of both offices of the European Patent Office, the lines of communication with the European Examiners can be kept short and an informal face-to-face meeting with an Examiner can be quickly arranged if this is required to make sure that grant proceedings run smoothly for you.

The same applies to the granting of trademarks. Our office in The Hague is just around the corner from the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. We maintain close contact with the people working for these bodies to ensure that the proceedings are conducted as quickly and successfully as possible.

MIP editor-in-chief

Arnold & Siedsma is editor-in-chief of the internationally renowned “Manual for the Handling of Applications for Patents, Designs and Trademarks Throughout the World”. This publication is also known by the name of the “Manual of Industrial Property”, or simply “The Brown Book”.

ISO 9001 certification

For already 100 years, we have been focusing our service on being a reliable partner for our clients with regard to all intellectual property issues. Since 2015, we are the first large Dutch IP agency with foreign offices that is ISO 9001 certified. This certificate is valid for all our offices in the Netherlands and abroad. We are proud of our ISO 9001 certification because it represents what our firm stands for: say what you do, do what you say, prove it.

Our specialists

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