Youri de Groote MSc

Belgian patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney, European patent attorney


Electromechanics, Energy, Software, Thermodynamics


Patents for Software, IP for AI in Life Sciences, Software, Computer-implemented inventions, Software,  AI


Youri De Groote is a European, Belgian, and Dutch registered patent attorney. His expertise lies in unraveling the complexities of software patents, particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its application in critical healthcare domains such as biotechnology, medical technology, and chemistry.

In biotechnology, for example, Youri has helped several clients protect their software innovations in genetic analysis and interpretation, enabling them to develop new treatments for diseases like cancer or accelerate drug discovery and development. In MedTech, Youri has assisted several start- and scaleups in protecting their innovations, ranging from AI assisted diagnostics, administrative solutions and wearable and monitoring devices.

With a pragmatic and qualitative approach to intellectual property, Youri stimulates innovation and protects intellectual property in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and healthcare. He offers support to a diverse range of clients, including SMEs and multinational enterprises.

Youri is committed to delivering the best possible experience to his clients and helping them navigate the complex world of patent law.

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