Chemistry, Materials, Pharmacy, Polymer Technology, Printing systems, Process technology, Thermodynamics


Aleidus is a sworn Dutch and European patent attorney. He studied chemical engineering and then did a PhD project in physical chemistry. After his PhD, he worked for several years within the R&D department of Océ-Technologies B.V., now Canon Production Printing, in the field of ink development for various inkjet printer applications. There, he gained experience in the complex interplay of forces surrounding the development of new products and applications, protection of technical innovations and timely market introduction. Aleidus therefore not only has chemical and process technology expertise and knowledge of intellectual property protection, but he also knows the business world inside out. From that basis, he is happy to think with you about how you can not only secure your own knowledge and inventions, but also how you can proceed without too many obstacles with what is probably really important to you, namely the marketing of your products and/or processes.

Aleidus likes clear and thorough advice based on the realisation that you do not need a legal exposition with ifs and buts, but simply want to know what to do best and that you should be able to blindly trust the expertise of your patent attorney!

In recent years, Aleidus’ experience includes drafting patent applications, defending patent applications in various jurisdictions, assisting in patent-related litigation, oppositions, infringement and release opinions and drafting NDAs, and this for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies in the food, pharmaceutical, waste treatment, chemical and process industries.

What others say about Aleidus:

Thoughtful, analytical, unburdening, accessible and appraochable

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