Our services

We are focused on meeting the IP needs of small, medium and large corporate clients, in the Benelux, Europe and abroad. Our expertise covers all aspects of intellectual property rights.

The services of Arnold & Siedsma

Our services are focussed on the following practice areas: patentstrademarksdesigns, and litigation. We have patent attorneystrademark and design attorneys and attorneys at law experienced across all technical and legal disciplines.

Our general services

Arnold & Siedsma also offers services in the domain of innovation or services relating to a number of subdomains of intellectual property, such as innovation & finance and strategic IP advice. These services can be provided by our patent, trademark and design attorneys and lawyers.

Innovation & finance:

Intellectual property rights can develop into essential components of a business, therefore these components need to be clearly identified. Various aspects may play a part or be used for your business. Arnold & Siedsma can advise you on all of these aspects.

Strategic advice:

In an innovation strategy, your company sets out its goals for future development in terms of innovation and how it intends to achieve these goals. Arnold & Siedsma can assist you in devising the innovation strategy of your business. Together, we can examine the questions that need to be answered to help you define the strategy.

An overview of some of the other general services we offer: drawingsIP checkinnovation boxvaluationtraining and secondment.

Arnold & Siedsma is your actively involved and knowledgeable partner. We are happy to be of service and contribute to you and to your ideas.

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