Our method

At Arnold & Siedsma we believe in customised work and this can be seen in the way we operate. You can count on our personal attention, a fixed account manager and a regional office in your area. The best way to describe our methodology is listen, explore and share.

Full-service provider

We are an all-inclusive service provider. This means that we employ in-house experts in all disciplines. We can easily switch between the various disciplines and immediately anticipate changing situations. We aim to achieve the best result for you.


Customised work is listening. In order to find out how we can be of service to you, we invite you to a personal meeting during which we will ask you various questions. What is your story? What do you need? Which questions do you have? What are your obstacles? What does your market look like? How do your competitors behave?

By asking these questions, we ensure that we can give you the attention and advice best suited to your wishes and situation.


As soon as we have a clear picture of your situation and issues, we begin looking for the best suitable strategy. We analyse the possibilities and switch between various experts and disciplines so that you can count on the wisest strategy for protecting your valuable idea.

Your personal advisor at Arnold & Siedsma can consult with a wide range of relevant experts. Collaboration between colleagues is highly valued in our company; it is all about team performance for and with our clients.


We aim for definite results with added value for your intellectual property. In the end, it’s all about a firm end-result. We work the way we do to contribute to your success: from obtaining patents to registering and protecting trademarksdesigns and other rights.

As our client, you know what is going on, what exactly has been organised and what your rights are. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise!

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