Who we are

Since 1920, your creation has been our motivation. We have 100 years of experience in the legal protection of intellectual property of inventionstrademarks and designs for self-employed persons as well as for large multinationals in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to our offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, Arnold & Siedsma has an extensive global network of agents so that we can protect your rights anywhere in the world.

Experts in patents, trademarks, design and IP rights in general

Arnold & Siedsma has more than fifty in-house technical and legal experts with knowledge of all the important innovative sectors, from biotechnology and pharmaceutics to semiconductors and software. Depending on your invention, we connect you to a patent attorney who specialises in your specific discipline. Our trademark and design attorneys are the best partners for all issues related to your trademarks or protecting the unique design of your products. Our IP attorneys at law can help you with anything related to legal procedures, such as upholding your rights.

Our work in intellectual property

Our work in intellectual property varies: from assessing innovations, formulating and obtaining patent and trademark requests, protecting patent and trademark rights in case of transgression to providing strategic and operational advice. With more than 140 employees, our office represents big and small European and foreign clients, including clients from America and Asia.

Value your idea

Perhaps you want to turn your discovery or invention into a commercial success or to interest investors or manufacturers in these ideas. Before you do, it is important to properly establish the intellectual property of your discovery or invention and protect it against imitations by competitors. In this way, you will reap the full financial benefits of your work.

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