Roel Joxhorst MSc

Belgian patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney, European patent attorney


Aerospace engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Physics, Quantum Computing, Software


As a Dutch and European patent attorney, Roel assists inventors and companies (startups, SME’s and multinationals) in all aspects of patent prosecution.

His experience includes drafting patent applications, prosecuting patent applications before the EPO, opposition, Freedom-to-Operate (FTO), and advising on patentability, (in)validity and infringement.

The technological fields in which he is experienced are, amongst others:
– mechanical engineering;
– physics;
– quantum computing (e.g. quantum cryptography, quantum networks)*;
– software;
– aerospace engineering; and
– electrical engineering.

Roel completed a master in theoretical physics. The specialization of his master in theoretical physics was “Quantum Universe”, which emphasizes the relations between theoretical physics, particle physics and astronomy in the study of nature on the different scales. During his bachelor and master, Roel followed a number of courses related to quantum computers, for example: quantum physics 1 and 2, electronics and signal processing, statistical mechanics and advanced quantum mechanics. During these courses, he acquired a thorough understanding of quantum mechanics. Additionally, Roel attended lectures about quantum cryptography.

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