Timon Vankeirsbilck MSc

Dutch patent attorney


Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Computer science, Energy, Materials, Polymer Technology, Process technology


Timon is a patent attorney whom people describe as friendly, pragmatic and flexible. Innovation and technique are important motives that provide him with energy. With a social-oriented disposition, he easily connects with his environment and likes to collaborate with others. He is highly motivated in fulfilling his tasks above expectations and he uses high performance norms in his approach. Customer-orientation and quality are high on his agenda.

Timon has graduated from KULeuven with a Master of Science in Engineering Technology. He has interdisciplinary training in this area and has accumulated knowledge about multiple sectors, from biotechnology, molecular chemistry, industrial chemistry, biochemistry, process technology, polymer technology, (green) energy management, environment technology up to business management, computer programming, materials science, mechanics of materials, dynamics and mechanics. That makes him broadly employable in multiple disciplines.

Timon has studied internationally. He has studied six months at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New York. Later he was awarded the 2019 EOS prize for his master thesis and this was published in the EOS scientific journal. In 2020, he began his adventure at Arnold & Siedsma, where he deals in depth with intellectual property rights.

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