Anson van Rooij MSc

Dutch patent attorney


Artificial Intelligence/AI, Computer science, ICT, Informatics, Machine learning, Software, Telecommunication


Anson has been in training in the patent practice at Arnold & Siedsma in Eindhoven since 2019. He is active in the field of software and electrical engineering.

Anson previously worked as a software developer. He was involved in the development of supervisory control systems (in the high-tech sector, including lithography), using model-based development and formal verification.

Anson’s study background is in computer science, and his knowledge covers a wide range of topics in the field of software and computer technology. He has always been happy to pass on his knowledge of these subjects to others, for example as a student assistant and tutor. In addition, he has followed extensive courses in philosophy.

By combining genuine interest with a critical eye, Anson quickly arrives at new insights. He has an acute sense of accurate language. Thanks to his experience in teaching, and later in complex organisations, he is able to cooperate pleasantly with different partners, regardless of their personal and substantive background.

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