Lisa Imbernon MSc

Associate partner, Belgian patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney, European patent attorney


Electrical engineering, Physics, Semiconductor technology


Lisa joined Arnold & Siedsma after examining patents for more than 16 years at the European Patent Office. She brings thus to the table her unique insight of the European procedure, her specialized technical background in Power Electronics as well as her language proficiency.

Lisa passed all papers of the European Qualifying in 2007 and possesses practical experience in Oral Proceedings both in Examination and Opposition from her time at the EPO which she puts to profit for her clients’ interests.

With a wide interest for electrical inventions in general, her field of predilection is Power Conversion and Motor Control, where she searched and examined hundreds of patents. Lisa obtained her MSc in Electrical, Electromechanical and Automation Engineering (ENSEEIHT) in Toulouse, France. As practical technical experiences Lisa designed and implemented control laws for Brushless Synchronous motors for military applications as well as piezo-electric actuators for medical applications.

Other about Lisa

Efficient, pragmatic, proactive

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