Robin Ogier PhD

Belgian patent attorney, Trainee patent attorney


Nanotechnology, Optics, Physics


Robin started working as a trainee patent attorney at Arnold & Siedsma in 2017. Before that, he obtained his PhD degree from Chalmers University of Technology after successfully defending his dissertation “Plasmonics with a Twist: from Single Particles to Metasurfaces”. This work aimed at the manipulation of light polarization through the realization of new “materials” for different applications, such as telecommunications, energy, or biosensing.

While accomplishing his doctorate at Chalmers University of Technology, he accumulated a sizable amount of experience regarding nanofabrication processes and characterization techniques, which in turn lead to a number of publications. Through this time, Robin worked in a very international environment where knowledge over a broad spectrum of scientific areas is necessary.

Other about Robin

Straightforward, Adaptable, Thorough

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