IP Check

A portfolio of intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, designs and/or patents, is not a static entity. To give an example: In addition to the fact that the public perception of a specific trademark can change, common practice indicates that the holder of that trademark makes changes to his trademark in the course of time. This may involve changes to the trademark itself, a change in the range of products and/or services offered under the trademark, or change in the geographical area in which the holder is active with the trademark. These changes may have adverse consequences, for example for the facility to claim protection for your trademark against other parties.

In the Arnold & Siedsma IP check, our attorneys check your existing portfolio of intellectual property rights and compare this with your current situation. We give you practical advice on the basis of this comparison and your strategic objectives. The advice provides a clear insight into the weaknesses and opportunities of your portfolio. If necessary, the advice also includes recommendations for consolidating your portfolio in the light of your strategic objectives.

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