(bio)medical imaging, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Food and food production industry, Immunology, Medical technology, Medicine, Molecular Biology, Pharmacy, Plant breeding, Polymer Chemistry


Hanna is a highly motivated and driven trainee Patent Attorney with a broad and varied background in Biomedicine giving her the ability to confidently handle intellectual property matters across the Life Sciences and Chemistry sectors, as well as leading Hanna to her special affinity for complex interdisciplinary inventions. She unites her curious and creative mindset with excellent analytical skills and attention to detail in order to provide clients with the best possible solutions.

Having lived, worked and studied in amongst others Hong Kong, Stockholm and The Hague, Hanna is very internationally-minded and eager to assist clients with letting their inventions and ideas reach broader markets. She is a native speaker of English and Dutch, and conversational in Mandarin Chinese, so please feel free to reach out to Hanna in any of those languages with your IP needs.

What others say about Hanna

Forward-thinking, innovative, embraces challenges

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