dr. ir. Age Raukema

Dutch patent attorney, European patent attorney, Partner


Aerospace engineering, Biofysica, Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Medical technology, Nanotechnology, Optical sensors, Physics, Printing systems, Semiconductor technology, Thermodynamics, Transport


Age is a Dutch and European patent attorney. He studied applied physics, followed by scientific research and a PhD on the intersection of physics and chemistry.

He has been with Arnold+Siedsma since 2023. His patent career started in 1996 after doing scientific research at a patent office in Amsterdam. In 1999, he moved to the patent department of ASML, the world’s largest supplier of high-tech lithography machines used by the semiconductor industry to make ICs (chips). Between 2010 and 2023, he worked as a European and Dutch patent attorney at the Eindhoven office of another major Dutch patent firm, and then at Arnold+Siedsma.

He is familiar with various engineering disciplines covering fields such as physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and mechatronics, including hydrogen storage, eye lenses, offshore, packaging, automotive, home appliances and more. He has a broad experience within a wide variety of industries in drafting and filing patent applications and their global grant procedures, advising on (potential) infringement issues, risk assessment related to intellectual property (IP), release advice, patent litigation, and managing a patent portfolio in an international environment.

His expertise also includes evaluating inventions and patent portfolios, formulating IP strategy in line with business strategy, and establishing procedures for securing IP assets.

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Practical, client-oriented, analytical

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