7 May 2018

TWICKTO: trademarks and patents in practice

Whoever is still thinking about what to buy for their children for the coming holidays will appreciate this educational and exceptionally lovely toy system that was recently launched on the market under the name TWICKTO.

The product was invented in the Netherlands twenty years ago by Gert-Jan de Wilde from Lutten, in the province of Overijssel, who is now marketing it with his son Robin.

TWICKTO has remained on the shelf for years due to other activities, but during a visit to the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, the largest toy fair in the world, the father and son team saw that there was still nothing similar available on the market.

A box of TWICKTO contains building blocks (bricks) and connectors (twicks) that work by turning and clicking.

The unique thing about TWICKTO is that this toy is symmetrical and can be linked together from all sides. Furthermore, due to the solid method of clicking into place, it is also possible for young children to build very large structures with TWICKTO.

Arnold + Siedsma has assisted Twickto BV since the first patent application for the modular building system in 1996. The system has since been further developed and improved and new patent applications have been submitted. The most recent patent application has just been published. The drawing here shows how the system is represented in figures provided by the drawing room of Arnold + Siedsma.



Before making a final decision to adopt the brand name TWICKTO, the availability of the brand was examined. The need to change a brand shortly after its introduction and consequently recalling or destroying manufactured products and packaging is a risk that must be eliminated at all costs. An ex-ante investigation will identify exactly whether previous trademark rights exist for other parties that might form an objection. The registration of the brand was then set in motion (word mark and logo). Twickto BV has started registrations in the Benelux. As a result, the effective date of the trademark right was recorded. When a better picture had emerged about the markets where the construction toys would be on sale, the international registrations for the brand were set in motion. The earlier entry dates of Twickto's Benelux trademark rights have been included in the foreign applications. Should new markets become important in the future, they can be added to Twickto's international registration.

In this way, a constructive basis has been achieved for the further branding of the TWICKTO construction toy system. Build it!