Design registration

A design must be registered if the full protection of the design right is to be enjoyed. The design is afforded protection in the country and region in which it has been registered in the official design register.

Obtaining a design registration

Although the requirements for design protection in most countries are broadly similar, there are nevertheless marked differences in the formalities that have to be completed. Moreover, the novelty requirement does not have the same scope everywhere. The specialised Arnold & Siedsma design attorneys can provide you with expert advice on the registration requirements. We also have a reproduction department to produce drawings, given that clear illustrations of the design are indispensable for ensuring that protection is as complete as possible.

Design registration by Arnold & Siedsma

Arnold & Siedsma will be pleased to work with you to devise the correct strategy to achieve the best possible protection for your designs, allowing you to maximise the benefits that the different registration systems can offer you.

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