Design opposition and nullifcation proceedings

If you are accused of infringement, our design attorneys are here to assist you. To prevent or minimise any damage in such situations, it is very important for a specialist Arnold & Siedsma attorney to take action in an expert, effective and appropriate manner to stop the use of the product which bears too strong a resemblance to your own.

Design opposition proceedings

Speed is of the essence here. In practice, evidence suggests that many situations of conflict between parties can be resolved. In this mediating role, Arnold & Siedsma focuses on establishing the appropriate legal conditions to safeguard your interests. However, as a workable solution is at least equally important, we also take practical, commercial and financial aspects into account.

Design nullification proceedings

Nullification proceedings are concerned with the declaration of invalidity of a design registration. Some official bodies recognise design rights without carrying out a preliminary examination of the novelty and individual character of the design. This does not mean that all registered design rights are valid. Our knowledgeable design attorneys can provide expert assistance in evaluating the validity of a design and advising you specifically in respect of possible nullification proceedings relating to a design. We can also instigate the necessary administrative and legal proceedings to have the design registration of a third party effectively declared null and void, or we can assist you in defending the validity of your design registration.

Opposition and nullification advice by Arnold & Siedsma

If the parties fail to reach an amicable settlement to the conflict, Arnold & Siedsma’s legal department can defend your interests through the courts. Through the available combination of design attorneys and lawyers, Arnold & Siedsma can offer you precisely the assistance that your situation requires.

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