Drawings of the innovation, trademark (for example the logo) or design form an important part of a patent, trademark or design.

Arnold & Siedsma is one of the few patent and trademark offices with its own specialist drawing department with professional draughtsmen.

Arnold & Siedsma draughtsmen can provide you with the service that you need. The broad technical knowledge and experience of the draughtsmen, combined with the latest drawing packages (CAD), enable us to produce illustrations which are such that your patent, trademark or design can benefit from the best possible protection.

Arnold & Siedsma draughtsmen have a technical background and expertise to produce clear, elucidating and technically accurate figures. The draughtsmen stay in touch with the latest developments and have the drive to want to know exactly how something works and why it works in that way.

The Arnold & Siedsma drawing office is renowned at home and abroad and is commissioned to produce drawings at the highest possible level. Costs, however, are kept down due to the professionalism of the in-house service.

Drawings from the Arnold & Siedsma drawing office can be used for all kinds of purposes. A familiar application outside the intellectual property domain is in technical manuals and user instructions.

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