Innovation strategy

How innovative does your business want to be and how will your business achieve this? Once you have established this, you can be precisely as innovative as you wish.

An appropriate strategy will help you.

In an innovation strategy, your company sets out its aims for future development in the field of innovation and how it intends to achieve these aims.

By defining the innovation strategy, you can help your business to get where it wants to be in five to ten years’ time. What are the new products and processes that will make you stand out from the competition? What technologies and knowledge do you need for this? How will you finance this? Does this tie in with your other business plans? By answering these and other questions, you will be able to make full use of your innovations.

Example: Providing incentives for innovation can be useful in some business tasks. To do this, you can implement a remuneration policy that rewards inventors/innovators. A policy of this type is in fact mandatory in some countries.

A brainstorming session with one of the specialists from Arnold & Siedsma can already provide you with a clear insight into the direction in which you want to take your company.


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