Patent application

Drawing up patents is perhaps the most essential part of the patent attorney’s work; Arnold & Siedsma patent attorneys are capable of setting any invention out in writing to enable it to be protected.

Drafting a patent application

A patent attorney will draft a text in which your invention is extensively described. This text is often accompanied by a number of patent drawings. These patent drawings are produced by our draughtsman, in consultation, of course, with the patent attorney. The quality of the text and drawings largely determines the value of your subsequent patent. Arnold & Siedsma has the legal and technical expertise in-house to set your invention out in writing in such a way that the protection afforded is commensurate with your invention and your strategy.

Patent application by Arnold & Siedsma

Over the 95 years that it has been in business, Arnold & Siedsma has built up an extensive clientele, and has gained substantial experience in the protection of inventions. Quality and customer focus are our main priorities. Particularly in terms of the legal facilities that a patent and a patent application offer, Arnold & Siedsma brings value added with its own legal department. For example if follow-up legal action needs to be taken against infringers.

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