Maintenance & renewal of your trademark

Procedures for obtaining and maintaining trademark protection are bound up with formalities defined in the form of a large number of rules and deadlines. Failure to comply with these rules or meet these deadlines may cause your trademark application to lapse.

Trademark maintenance by Arnold & Siedsma

Knowledge of these procedures with their formalities and deadlines is therefore of vital importance. Arnold & Siedsma has specialised computer systems to keep tabs on all of these formalities and ensure that they are completed correctly and in a timely manner. We can monitor the deadlines for you and administer the registration procedures for your trademarks in the Benelux and any other required country.

Renewing trademark registrations

Trademark registrations have an infinite lifespan, provided that they are renewed in a timely manner. The protection lasts for 10 years and can be extended in each case by 10-year periods. If a trademark registration is not renewed in a timely manner, the rights will lapse and you, as the trademark holder, will lose the protection. It is therefore important for you to be reminded of the renewal in good time so that action can be taken. Arnold & Siedsma can relieve you entirely of this concern. Using our own trademark management system, we inform our clients in good time of the approaching renewal date. Every trademark that is filed by us or for which we assume responsibility is automatically entered into this trademark management system.

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