Trademark opposition

An opposition is an administrative procedure before the official bodies of a specific country or a specific region, whereby the holder of an earlier (trademark) right can lodge an objection against the registration of a later application for a corresponding trademark.

Trademark oppostion proceedings

As a result of the available knowledge and experience, our cooperation with our IP lawyers and the availability of all legal databases with decisions of the bodies responsible for trademark rights in most European countries, our trademark attorneys are fully capable of safeguarding your interests in defence or prosecution before the Benelux and the European Office. For oppositions in other countries, Arnold & Siedsma can call upon an extensive and well-established partner network.

Trademark nullification proceedings

Nullification proceedings are concerned with the declaration of invalidity of a trademark registration. The party taking this action believes that the registered trademark does not meet the legal requirements because, for example, it is totally descriptive of the products or services for which protection has been obtained, or because it actually belongs to someone else and has therefore been filed in bad faith. In the Benelux, only the courts are authorised to take a decision in an action of this type. A lawyer must therefore always be engaged to represent you in nullification proceedings of this type. Arnold & Siedsma has its own IP-specialist lawyers in-house, so we can easily offer you efficient and vigorous assistance in an action of this type.

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