Nele D'Halleweyn PhD MSc

Partner, European patent attorney, Dutch patent attorney, Belgian patent attorney

Nele D'Halleweyn

Micro-electronics, telecommunications, semiconductors, ICT, electrical engineering, physics, medical technology, mechanical engineering

At Arnold & Siedsma, Nele specialises in European patent work in the specialist fields of semiconductors, transistors, electronic applications, telecommunications, ICT, software, medical equipment, and other electrical and mechanical applications. Nele studied electrical engineering at Leuven University, specialising in telecommunications and micro-electronics.
She has been involved in legal cases in various specialist fields, from electrical engineering applications in gaming machines and in medical equipment to mechanical devices such as loading platforms and waste separation machinery.

As a patent attorney, she provides the link between Research & Development and the commercial world. She derives satisfaction from identifying the essence of an invention and shaping it into ‘a patent weapon’ to wield against the competition.

If imitators appear, she will consult with the client to find the right arguments and the best strategy to tackle the imitation as efficiently as possible. Thanks to her extensive experience in both European and national procedures, she can advise the client quickly and clearly so that the correct legal actions are taken promptly.

What others say about Nele:
Efficient, combative, creative, articulate

Employment history:

2001 - present: Patent attorney at Arnold & Siedsma

1997: Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
master of engineering in Electronics, specialising in telecommunications and micro-electronics
2001: University of Southampton (UK)
PhD in micro-electronics
Dutch, English, French, German (basic), Chinese (basic), Italian (basic)

Outside activities and memberships:
Nele is a member of the AIPPI, of which she is a member of the Board, and is active in working parties for resolving IP-related issues concerning Belgian national legislation. She is also a member of the EPI. As a PQC member for Belgium, she advises the EPI council on matters relating to the professional training for acquiring the title of patent attorney. She is also one of the tutors for Belgian training in Belgian patent law and Belgian patent practice.

Nele is a member of the Board of the De Winkelhaak design centre and follows the events organised there.

Flanders DC Events
MIP/Knowledge 4 Business Events
Antwerp Manager Events


Octrooien in België - Een praktische leidraad (Die Keure - 1 mei 2020) -

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Over de zin van afhankelijke octrooiconclusies en over het herformuleren van octrooiconclusies na verlening - Betekenis conclusies in de Belgische jurisprudentie [On the meaning of dependent patent claims and the rewording of patent claims following grant – Significance of claims in Belgian case law]
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Overview of technical publications
A carefully considered patent policy: key to success
Public document for SMEs on the successful use of patents

MOOSE: A physically based compact DC model of SOILD MOSFETs for analogue circuit simulation

A Physically Based Relation Between Extracted Threshold Voltage and Surface Potential Flat-Band Voltage for MOSFET Compact Modeling

A Surface-Potential-Based High-Voltage Compact LDMOS Transistor Model

Ruling on nullification assessment

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Debat Technologie & Innovatie [Technology & Innovation Debate] 

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